Driven Collision

Custom OEM Paint Matching

To find a matching paint color for a damaged vehicle, Driven Collision uses a device called a spectrophotometer to properly identify the exact shade of the vehicle’s current color. The machine measures the amount of light and the exact hues on the car’s current paint finish. This data is then paired with the vehicle’s VIN to electronically find the paint formula on the vehicle’s existing finish.

Another aspect of color match is texture, matching the original texture of the cars paint is critical. Each manufacture has their own film thickness, spray technique and varied paint products. Adjusting the film thickness of the paint we apply, the viscosity of the paint, the air pressure being used and the content of the flake is what will determine color match, it's the clear coat that will do the most to effect texture.

When we match paint, we also go the extra mile to match your cars OEM Texture. Giving you the best possible match available.